Chicken Invaders 2

Chicken Invaders 2

Interaction Studios
Chicken Invaders 2 Chicken Invaders 2
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Interaction Studios
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The description of Chicken Invaders 2

Chicken Invaders 2 is an intergalactic arcade-style shooter game that pits players against an avian onslaught determined to conquer the solar system. In this sequel to the original Chicken Invaders, the battle against the feathered foes continues with even more intensity as they return with a well-organized invasion plan. Players will journey through various planets, dispatching wave after wave of invading chickens while dodging eggs and collecting power-ups to enhance their spaceship's firepower. This space adventure offers fast-paced fun for both solo and two-player action.

What can Chicken Invaders 2 be used for?

Chicken Invaders 2 serves up a hearty helping of nostalgic arcade action, perfect for those looking to relive the joy of classic space shooting games with a humorous twist. It's great for casual gamers seeking a light-hearted and entertaining challenge, as well as for friends or family members who want to team up and save the galaxy from the poultry peril in cooperative mode.

Chicken Invaders 2 Tricks & Tips

To excel in Chicken Invaders 2, players should focus on mastering the art of dodging eggs and collecting power-ups. Timing is crucial, as power-ups can significantly boost your firepower, making it easier to clear the screen of enemies. Also, learning the patterns of the chicken invaders will help in anticipating their next move and avoiding being caught off-guard. Keeping an eye on the different types of chickens can also give players an edge, as some may require more hits to defeat than others.

Benefits & Features

  • Engaging Gameplay: Classic arcade shoot 'em up with a humorous twist.
  • Multiple Levels: Travel through the solar system with numerous stages and epic boss fights.
  • Power-Ups: Collect a variety of power-ups to upgrade your spaceship's weapons and abilities.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Team up with a friend in cooperative mode for double the fun.
  • Replayability: High replay value with different difficulty levels to challenge players of all skills.


  • Simple and addictive gameplay suitable for all ages.
  • Humorous chicken-themed enemies and environments.
  • Co-op mode enhances the gaming experience with shared fun.
  • Low system requirements make it accessible on most Windows PCs.


  • Graphics and sound may feel dated compared to modern games.
  • Gameplay can become repetitive over time.
  • Limited depth and complexity may not satisfy hardcore gamers.
Chicken Invaders 2 remains a beloved title for fans of arcade shooters, delivering a delightful mix of action, strategy, and poultry puns. Its simple yet engaging mechanics ensure that anyone can jump in and start blasting chickens, while the cooperative mode adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Despite its simplicity and potential for repetitiveness, the game's charm and accessibility have secured its place as a fun and nostalgic experience for gamers looking to fend off feathered foes.


Is Chicken Invaders 2 suitable for children?

Yes, Chicken Invaders 2 is family-friendly and suitable for players of all ages with its cartoonish graphics and non-violent theme.

Can I play Chicken Invaders 2 on a modern Windows system?

Yes, Chicken Invaders 2 has low system requirements and should run smoothly on most modern Windows operating systems.

Does the game support gamepad controls?

Yes, Chicken Invaders 2 supports gamepad controls, making it easy to play with your preferred gaming setup.

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