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The description of is a versatile cheque printing and tracking software solution designed for Windows users. It simplifies the task of cheque writing by automating the inclusion of elements such as the payee, date, and amount both in figures and words. The software's ability to handle database management of cheque templates and records makes it an indispensable tool for personal and professional financial management.

What can be used for?

This software is primarily used for printing and managing cheques. Users can quickly write cheques by entering the payee's name, date, and amount, which the software then translates into a printed cheque, converting the amount into words automatically. Additionally, is a valuable tool for tracking cheque usage and maintaining a robust database that can be reported on and analyzed. Tricks & Tips

To maximize the software's potential, users can leverage its powerful search engine to quickly retrieve specific cheque information. Customizing cheque templates using the WYSIWYG editor allows for personalized cheque design. For efficient database management, exporting reports to Excel or PDF for detailed analysis is also a recommended practice.

Benefits & Features

  • Automated conversion of numeric amount to words on cheques
  • Database management for cheque templates and transaction records
  • Easy-to-use with a WYSIWYG cheque template editor
  • Exportable reports for thorough financial analysis
  • Compatible with both Laser and Inkjet printers
  • Fast printing speeds to streamline financial operations


  • User-friendly interface simplifies cheque writing
  • Comprehensive template customization options
  • Robust reporting and analytics features
  • High compatibility with various printers


  • May require initial learning curve for complete software utilization
  • Dependent on printer quality for final cheque output

A Final Word on

The software stands out as an efficient tool for both individuals and businesses looking to enhance their cheque management processes. With its comprehensive feature set and ease of use, addresses a critical niche in financial software. By streamlining the task of cheque printing and providing valuable financial insights, it can significantly improve financial workflow and record-keeping.


Is suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes, it is scalable and can be used by both small businesses and larger enterprises to manage their cheque-printing needs effectively.

Can handle multiple cheque templates?
Absolutely, it allows users to select from various templates or create their own to fit their specific requirements.

Is support available for users?
Typically, users can access customer support for assistance with any issues or questions they might have regarding the software.

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