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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of Checkers-7

Checkers-7 is a versatile checkers game for Windows users who enjoy classic board games. This program provides a range of options including playing against the computer with three difficulty levels, engaging in two-player matches, or competing over a network. It supports up to 14 different types of checkers games, including American and International variants, and even offers an interesting \"Give away\" rule.

What can Checkers-7 be used for?

Whether you're a checkers enthusiast looking to hone your skills or a casual player seeking some leisurely entertainment, Checkers-7 caters to all. It's perfect for practicing strategies, challenging friends or the AI, and exploring different checkers disciplines from around the world. Additionally, its network play feature makes it possible to connect and play with others remotely.

Checkers-7 Tricks & Tips

To enhance your Checkers-7 experience, consider customizing the board and pieces with the seven inbuilt skins or by applying your own. Keep track of your moves easily with the visibility options for the moves list, and utilize the coordinate readout for better strategic planning. Remember to save your games in text format to review and improve your tactics later on.

Benefits & Features

  • Play against the computer or a friend
  • Network play for remote challenges
  • 14 different checkers game types
  • \"Give away\" rule for an extra twist
  • Customizable board and pieces with skins
  • Adjustable non-game window elements
  • Display of possible moves and last move
  • Ability to save and load games


  • Multiple game variants provide extensive replay value
  • Customization options for personalized gameplay
  • Difficulty levels cater to all skill sets
  • Convenient save/load feature for game progress


  • May not have as modern a design as some newer games
  • Network play requires other Checkers-7 users for multiplayer

Checkers-7 stands out as a comprehensive and engaging checkers game for Windows, offering a breadth of features that cater to both new and experienced players. Its customization options and variety of game types ensure that every match feels fresh and exciting. While it maintains a classical approach to design, which might not appeal to those seeking a more contemporary look, it remains a solid choice for anyone passionate about checkers.


Can I play Checkers-7 with players who don't have the program?
No, network play requires both players to have Checkers-7 installed.

Is it possible to change the rules of the game?
Yes, Checkers-7 allows you to play different checkers variants and even use the unique \"Give away\" rule.

Does Checkers-7 offer difficulty levels for AI opponents?
Yes, there are three levels of difficulty when playing against the computer.
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