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The description of CCBoot

CCBoot by Youngzsoft is a robust thin client software that leverages PXE boot technology, allowing computers to boot from a network without a local disk. It is designed to support iSCSI boot and PXE boot for Windows 7 and XP systems across a LAN from a central thin client server. CCBoot is not only an ideal solution for internet cafes and cyber cafes, serving as diskless Internet cafe software with additional billing and menu management features, but it is also suitable for educational and enterprise environments, offering easy system maintenance and management.

What can CCBoot be used for?

CCBoot is a versatile software that can be used across various platforms and environments. It is frequently employed in Internet cafes to create a diskless setup, which greatly simplifies the management of multiple PCs. Educational institutions utilize it to maintain uniformity across classroom computers and ensure that systems are restored to a pre-set state on every reboot. Enterprises benefit from CCBoot for its ability to integrate with proxy servers and mail servers, streamlining the network boot process and system updates.

CCBoot Tricks & Tips

Maximizing the potential of CCBoot involves understanding its features and applying best practices. One effective tip is to regularly update the image with necessary software patches to ensure all client PCs receive the latest updates upon booting. Another is to optimize the write-back cache to balance performance with network stability. Additionally, administrators can use the group function to manage multiple PCs with different configurations efficiently.

Benefits & Features

  • Network Boot: Enables booting from LAN with PXE boot technology
  • Diskless System: Reduces the need for local hard drives, lowering costs
  • Restoration: Automatically restores PCs to a clean state on reboot
  • Virus Protection: Helps maintain a secure network environment
  • One-Click Updates: Simplifies the process of updating all connected PCs
  • Multi-Solution Support: Tailored solutions for Internet cafes, education, and enterprise setups
  • Global User Base: Trusted by over 30,000 users worldwide
  • Quality Service: Backed by Youngzsoft's dedicated support


  • Cost-effective for maintaining multiple PCs
  • Enhances network security and stability
  • Facilitates easy and centralized management
  • Reduces downtime and IT workload
  • Supports a variety of Windows operating systems


  • May require a learning curve for new users
  • Dependent on network infrastructure quality
  • Limited to Windows 7 and XP for PXE/iSCSI boot

Final Words

CCBoot stands out as an innovative solution for managing and maintaining multiple PCs across a network. Its ability to create a diskless environment not only reduces hardware costs but also streamlines the entire process of system updates and virus protection. With features tailored to different sectors, from cyber cafes to enterprises, CCBoot demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness in various settings. While it may have a few limitations and require some network know-how, the benefits it offers make it a strong contender for any organization looking to optimize their IT infrastructure.


What operating systems does CCBoot support?
CCBoot supports PXE boot and iSCSI boot for Windows 7 and XP.

Can CCBoot be used in settings other than internet cafes?
Yes, CCBoot is also designed for educational institutions and enterprise environments, offering solutions like diskless classrooms and integration with proxy and mail servers.

Is there any support available for CCBoot users?
Yes, users of CCBoot can rely on Youngzsoft's quality services for support and assistance.

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