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The description of Business-in-a-Box

For entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to streamline document creation, Business-in-a-Box presents a comprehensive solution. As a software package brimming with over 1,800 document templates, it serves a wide range of business writing needs. Its templates, drafted by attorneys and business consultants, offer a level of professionalism that can elevate the corporate image of any size business.

What can Business-in-a-Box be used for?

Business-in-a-Box is designed to cater to a multitude of business situations. Whether you need to draft legal agreements, create business plans, put together financial statements, or generate any other business-related document, this software offers a template to jump-start the process.

Business-in-a-Box Tricks & Tips

Users can maximize the potential of Business-in-a-Box by leveraging its advanced search features to quickly locate the needed template. It's also beneficial to customize the templates by using the familiar environment of Microsoft Office or the integrated text editor within the software, allowing for a seamless adaptation to your specific business context.

Benefits & Features

  • Over 1,800 documents available for a myriad of business scenarios
  • High-quality, legally vetted content
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office for easy editing
  • Efficient document search and categorization
  • Reliable performance with a proven track record since 2001


  • Extensive library of document templates
  • Professional, legally sound documents
  • Fully customizable to fit specific business needs


  • May be overwhelming due to the sheer volume of templates
  • Requires familiarity with Microsoft Office or equivalent for editing

Business-in-a-Box offers a robust toolset for businesses aiming to produce professional documents with ease. It eliminates the time-consuming process of drafting from scratch, ensuring that even small businesses can project the image of a Fortune 500 company. Despite a potential learning curve associated with navigating its extensive library, the software stands out as a valuable asset for any business operation.


Is Business-in-a-Box suitable for small businesses?
Absolutely. Small businesses can benefit significantly from the wide range of templates that cater to various needs, ensuring a professional look for all documentation.

Can I use Business-in-a-Box without Microsoft Office?
Yes, templates can be edited with the built-in Business-in-a-Box Text Editor,, or iWork, although full compatibility is with Microsoft Office versions.

Are the documents in Business-in-a-Box legally reliable?
Yes, the documents are drafted by legal professionals and business consultants, providing a strong legal foundation for your business documentation.

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