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Battle Realms is a strategy game by developed by Liquid Entertainment and both published by Ubisoft and Crave Entertainment. The strategy game was initially released in 2001 and widely recognized as a very complex real-time strategy game. This classic strategy game features Japanese feudal era themes with fantasy elements. Players choose 4 warring factions: the heroic Dragon Clan, the tenacious Serpent Clan, the noble Wolf Clan, and the cult-like Lotus Clan. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses. Every battle consists of gathering resources like rice, water, and horses, building basic infrastructures, training peasants into warriors, researching unit upgrade and summoning heroes called Zen Masters. Each unit has upgradable passive and active skills while Zen Masters have a single powerful skill that can change the tides of war. Players can compete against aggressive A.I. or other players. The game comes with standard RTS commands like grouping units, rally point, stop and force attack. The story mode involves Kenji Oja of the Serpent Clan who returns home after his self-exile. Players decide whether he paves his own destiny as the ruler of the new Dragon Clan or assert his birthright as the tyrant ruler of Serpent Clan.


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Battle Realms
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