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The description of Battery Meter

Battery Meter is a handy tool specially designed for Windows users who want to keep a close eye on their laptop or tablet's battery life. The utility sits comfortably in the system tray, providing at-a-glance information about battery percentage and the status of the external power connection. With a simple click on the icon, users can access a detailed dialog box that presents a wealth of data including the power status of main and backup batteries, as well as their voltage, current, and temperature. Customization enthusiasts can also tweak the default color scheme to match their personal taste. Before making a purchase, it's advisable to test the free evaluation version to ensure compatibility with your device.

What can Battery Meter be used for?

Battery Meter serves as a real-time monitoring tool for managing and viewing your device's battery health. It's particularly useful for mobile professionals and anyone who needs to keep their device running without constant access to a power outlet. The tool can help prevent unexpected shutdowns by alerting users about low battery levels and can be invaluable for diagnosing battery-related issues by keeping track of battery performance over time.

Battery Meter Tricks & Tips

Get the most out of Battery Meter by customizing the color scheme to match your desktop theme or personal preferences, making the battery information stand out or blend in as you like. You can also use the detailed battery information to monitor the health of your battery over time, which can be useful for planning when to work on battery power and when to charge up.

Benefits & Features

  • Real-time battery monitoring from the system tray
  • Displays battery percentage and external power connection status
  • Access detailed battery information with a single click
  • Monitor the power status of both main and backup batteries
  • Check battery voltage, current, and temperature
  • Customizable color schemes for the system tray icon
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems


  • Convenient and easy access to battery status
  • Detailed battery health information helps with maintenance
  • Customization options for personalization


  • May not support all types of devices
  • Free evaluation version necessary before purchase to ensure compatibility

Battery Meter is a versatile tool for Windows users who need detailed information about their device's battery life at their fingertips. With its system tray integration and rich set of features, it's an asset for anyone looking to manage their mobile device's power effectively. The ability to customize the icon's appearance is a nice touch that adds to the overall user experience. While compatibility issues may arise, the free evaluation version mitigates this risk, making it a worthy consideration for those in need of comprehensive battery management.


Is Battery Meter compatible with all Windows devices?
Not necessarily, which is why it's recommended to use the free evaluation version to check compatibility with your specific device before purchasing.

Can I see the battery temperature with Battery Meter?
Yes, Battery Meter provides detailed information including battery temperature, which can be critical for maintaining your device's battery health.

Is it possible to change the color of the Battery Meter icon?
Yes, Battery Meter allows users to customize the color of the system tray icon to suit their preferences or to better blend with their desktop theme.

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