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The description of ArcSoft ShowBiz

ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 is a user-friendly video editing software designed for Windows users who want to create and edit videos with ease. The software provides a variety of tools and features that allow users to produce high-quality videos in popular formats, perfect for sharing on YouTube or Facebook. With its integrated editing tools, users can add transitions, titles, effects, and music to create a truly personalized cinematic experience.

What can ArcSoft ShowBiz be used for?

ArcSoft ShowBiz is versatile software that can be used for a range of video production tasks. Whether you're looking to create a home movie, a YouTube video, or a professional presentation, ShowBiz offers the tools needed to get the job done. It's ideal for editing home videos, creating slideshows with music, adding voice-over narration, and enhancing clips with visual effects and transitions.

ArcSoft ShowBiz Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of ArcSoft ShowBiz, users can take advantage of features like the storyboard and timeline modes to organize their project. Hide tracks to focus on specific layers, mute audio for precise editing, and use the Crop & Trim tool to ensure each clip is perfect. Utilizing the Anti-Shaking and Denoise features can significantly improve the quality of your videos, while Rotate & Flip can help correct orientation issues.

Benefits & Features

  • Integrated video editing tools to enhance photos and videos before finalizing the movie
  • Add effects, text, transitions, titles, and narration for a polished final product
  • Storyboard and Timeline modes for easy organization and editing of clips and photos
  • Built-in tools like Anti-Shaking, Denoise, Rotate & Flip, and Crop & Trim to perfect each clip
  • Direct uploading to YouTube or Facebook for easy sharing
  • Options to burn a DVD, AVCHD, or Blu-ray disc for viewing on the big screen
  • Compatibility with popular mobile devices for viewing on the go


  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners and enthusiasts
  • Wide range of editing tools and effects for comprehensive video creation
  • Multiple output formats for easy sharing and distribution
  • Direct social media integration for quick online posting


  • May lack advanced features desired by professional video editors
  • Not available for macOS or Linux operating systems
  • Limited support for newer codecs and video formats

Final Words About the App

ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 is a solid choice for Windows users who are looking to delve into video editing without the steep learning curve of professional software. Its intuitive design, combined with a generous selection of editing tools, makes it an appealing option for creating personal or online content. While it does have its limitations, especially for advanced users, it remains a reliable tool for producing high-quality videos with minimal fuss.


Can ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 handle high-definition video editing?
Yes, ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 supports editing of high-definition videos, allowing you to produce content in various HD formats.

Is it possible to try ArcSoft ShowBiz before purchasing?
While the latest information on trial versions can vary, it is common for software companies to offer a limited trial period for users to test the software before buying.

Does ArcSoft ShowBiz support 4K video editing?
The support for 4K video editing depends on the version of ArcSoft ShowBiz you are using. It is advised to check the specifications of the software for compatibility with 4K content.

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