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Arabic Calligrapher

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Arabic Calligrapher Arabic Calligrapher
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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of Arabic Calligrapher

Arabic Calligrapher for Windows stands out as a dedicated 2D vector graphics design environment, particularly tailored for the art of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic artwork. This software suite is equipped with a unique calligraphic system technology and an extensive shapes library, making it a comprehensive tool for designers in this specialized field.

What can Arabic Calligrapher be used for?

Arabic Calligrapher serves as a versatile platform for creating intricate Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art pieces. It is an essential tool for graphic designers, calligraphers, and artists who wish to produce traditional or modern calligraphic designs for personal projects, educational materials, or commercial products. Additionally, it can be used for creating decorative elements, designing logos, and crafting unique typography for various applications.

Arabic Calligrapher Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of Arabic Calligrapher, users should explore its AI unique font system, which allows for the creation of custom fonts and styles. Experimenting with the software's coloring options, including both solid and gradient fills, can add depth and vibrancy to your work. Taking full advantage of the Islamic art library can also provide a wealth of inspiration and resources for designs. Finally, familiarizing oneself with the print and OLE export capabilities ensures that finished artworks can be shared and used in a variety of formats.

Benefits & Features

  • Simple, yet efficient graphical user interface for ease of use
  • AI unique font system tailored for Arabic calligraphy
  • Diverse coloring options with solid and gradient fills
  • Comprehensive Islamic art library for enhanced creativity
  • Capabilities to print and export to OLE for diverse application


  • User-friendly interface simplifies the design process
  • Advanced font system supports the creation of unique calligraphic styles
  • Extensive resources and tools tailored specifically for Arabic calligraphy
  • High-quality printing and exporting options for professional use


  • May have a steep learning curve for beginners unfamiliar with Arabic calligraphy
  • Specialized nature of the software might limit its use to specific projects

Arabic Calligrapher for Windows is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between traditional calligraphy and modern digital design, offering a wealth of features for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its specialized nature makes it a niche but invaluable asset in the realm of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art.


Is Arabic Calligrapher suitable for beginners?
Yes, while it may have a learning curve, the user-friendly interface makes it accessible for beginners who are keen to learn Arabic calligraphy.

Can Arabic Calligrapher be used for commercial projects?
Absolutely, the software's print and export features allow designers to create commercial-quality work.

Does the software support other languages or calligraphic styles?
Arabic Calligrapher is primarily designed for Arabic script and Islamic art, so support for other languages or styles may be limited.

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