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The description of AOL Explorer

AOL Explorer, also known as AOL Browser, is a web browser that leverages Microsoft's Internet Explorer technology, which is the most widely used across the globe. AOL has taken this foundation and enhanced it, offering users a browser with advanced security features, time-saving functionalities, and a range of innovative tools designed to improve the browsing experience. With features like built-in pop-up controls, Spyware Quick Scan, Tabbed Browsing, Feeds Screensaver, Visual Themes, and Desktop Widgets, AOL Explorer aims to provide a more efficient and safer browsing experience.

What can AOL Explorer be used for?

AOL Explorer is used for browsing the internet much like any other browser, but it also provides unique features tailored to enhance user productivity and safety. Users can manage multiple web pages using Tabbed Browsing, stay updated with the Feeds Screensaver, customize their browsing experience with Visual Themes, access various web services quickly through Desktop Widgets, and ensure a safer browsing environment with the security features it offers.

AOL Explorer Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of AOL Explorer, consider using keyboard shortcuts to navigate between tabs quickly, organize your favorite websites with the Favorites Center, and customize your toolbar for easy access to frequently used functions. Regularly updating the Quick Scan feature will help keep your system free from spyware. Utilizing the built-in pop-up blocker can greatly reduce unwanted interruptions while browsing.

Benefits & Features

  • Enhanced Security - Keeps your browsing safe with built-in features
  • Pop-Up Controls - Helps avoid annoying pop-ups
  • Spyware Quick Scan - Protects your system from spyware threats
  • Tabbed Browsing - Manage multiple pages within a single window
  • Feeds Screensaver - Stay informed with the latest news and updates
  • Visual Themes - Personalize your browser's appearance
  • Desktop Widgets - Quick access to a variety of web services


  • Customizable interface with themes and widgets
  • Integrated security features for safer browsing
  • Tabbed browsing for better multitasking
  • Built-in pop-up blocker to prevent unwanted ads
  • Feeds Screensaver to keep users informed


  • Based on older Internet Explorer technology
  • May not be compatible with the latest web standards
  • Lesser support and updates compared to other mainstream browsers
AOL Explorer presents itself as a solid choice for users looking for a browser with additional features to streamline their online activities and enhance their internet security. Despite its reliance on Internet Explorer's engine, it still brings to the table a suite of tools and functionalities that aim to make the web browsing experience more personalized and efficient.


Is AOL Explorer still supported and updated?
AOL Explorer has not received recent updates and may not be supported as actively as more modern browsers.

Can I use AOL Explorer on operating systems other than Windows?
AOL Explorer was designed for Windows and is not available for other operating systems.

Does AOL Explorer support modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3?
As AOL Explorer is based on older Internet Explorer technology, it may not fully support the latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.
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