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AOL Desktop

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AOL Desktop AOL Desktop
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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
America Online, Inc.
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The description of AOL Desktop

AOL Desktop for Windows is a comprehensive application that integrates a web browser, a media player, and an instant messaging client. It's designed to provide users with a seamless online experience, consolidating various services under one roof.

What can AOL Desktop be used for?

AOL Desktop is multifaceted and can be used for a range of activities including browsing the internet, managing AOL email, instant messaging with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), playing media files, and accessing various AOL services like news and entertainment content.

AOL Desktop Tricks & Tips

To enhance your AOL Desktop experience, consider customizing your toolbar for quick access to your most-used features. You can also organize your emails effectively by creating custom folders, and take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the application more efficiently.

Benefits & Features

  • Integrated email client for easy access to AOL Mail
  • Built-in web browser for seamless surfing
  • Instant messaging with AIM integration
  • Access to AOL-exclusive news and entertainment content
  • Media player capabilities for music and video playback
  • Customizable toolbar for personalized navigation
  • Notifications for breaking news and important emails
  • Option to live-stream NFL games


  • All-in-one application for various online activities
  • Customizable interface to suit individual preferences
  • Live updates and notifications keep you informed
  • Unique content such as live-streamed NFL games


  • The presence of numerous ads can be intrusive
  • May not be as streamlined as standalone applications for specific tasks

AOL Desktop for Windows is a versatile application that centralizes your online activities, from web browsing and email management to media playback and instant messaging. While it offers a range of features that could simplify your digital life, the user experience might be affected by the amount of advertising present within the application.


Is AOL Desktop free to use?
Yes, AOL Desktop is free to download and use, although it does feature ads.

Can I access AOL Mail from other email clients?
Yes, AOL Mail can be accessed from other email clients using IMAP or POP3 protocols.

Does AOL Desktop support live streaming for all NFL games?
Live streaming of NFL games may be subject to restrictions and is not available for all games.
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