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Advanced Speed Typing Advanced Speed Typing
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The description of Advanced Speed Typing

Advanced Speed Typing (AST) is a comprehensive typing tutor that leverages animated hands to instruct users on the correct finger placement and key locations. Designed for individuals aiming to improve their typing proficiency, AST also comes equipped with innovative features that assist experienced typists in achieving higher speeds. To run this program, users will need a Pentium-class processor or better, coupled with a monitor that supports a minimum resolution of 800x600 in 16-bit color or higher.

What can Advanced Speed Typing be used for?

Advanced Speed Typing serves as both an instructional tool for novices and a skill enhancer for seasoned typists. It helps beginners by teaching them the basics of touch typing, while providing advanced users with exercises to refine their speed and accuracy. Whether for personal improvement, professional development, or educational purposes, AST equips users with the necessary skills to type efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Speed Typing Tricks & Tips

Maximizing the benefits of Advanced Speed Typing involves regular practice and utilization of its full range of features. Users should focus on the animated hands to internalize proper finger movement and take advantage of the speed-building exercises. Setting incremental goals and tracking progress through AST's built-in metrics can motivate and guide users towards their typing speed objectives.

Benefits & Features

  • Animated hands for accurate finger placement education
  • Exercises tailored to improve typing speed and precision
  • Designed for a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced typists
  • Performance tracking to monitor improvement over time
  • Compatibility with Pentium-class processors or above
  • Optimized for monitors with a resolution of 800x600 in 16-bit color or higher


  • Intuitive animated hand guides enhance learning
  • Customizable exercises cater to various skill levels
  • Helpful for increasing typing speed and reducing errors
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation


  • Requires dedicated practice for significant improvement
  • Higher resolution monitors may not be fully utilized
  • May not offer advanced features for professional typists

Advanced Speed Typing stands out as a versatile tool for individuals seeking to master the keyboard. Its animated hand guides provide a unique and effective method for learning proper finger placement, while its array of exercises supports typists at all stages of their development. The application's focus on aiding users to enhance their typing speed and accuracy, coupled with its straightforward tracking features, ensures a well-rounded learning experience.


Is Advanced Speed Typing suitable for all ages?
Yes, AST is designed to be user-friendly and can be beneficial for typists of all ages looking to improve their typing skills.

Can Advanced Speed Typing help with professional typing requirements?
While AST is excellent for increasing speed and accuracy, some professionals may require more advanced features that are not provided by this software.

Does the software support alternative keyboard layouts?
The information provided does not specify support for alternative layouts, suggesting that AST may primarily focus on standard QWERTY keyboard training.
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