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The description of ADP

The Astanda Directory Project (ADP) is a multifaceted tool for those seeking a software solution that combines the functionalities of a directory, search engine, and spider/crawler. Written in PHP and supported by a MySQL database, it is a unique piece of software that stands out in its field. ADP thrives in versatility, supporting an almost limitless number of links and pages. Thanks to the Smarty template engine, it operates efficiently in both dynamic and static modes, making it a versatile choice for webmasters and developers.

What can ADP be used for?

ADP serves as the backbone for creating your own search engine or directory. It can crawl the web, indexing pages and links, similar to how Google operates. This makes it an excellent tool for those looking to create a comprehensive directory for internal use within a company or as a public resource. Additionally, ADP can be used to enhance SEO strategies by helping to understand the web structure and link distribution of a website or set of websites.

ADP Tricks & Tips

Maximizing the potential of ADP involves understanding its capabilities and settings. For instance, mastering the static mode can considerably speed up the response time for users. On the other hand, dynamic mode offers real-time updates. Customizing the Smarty templates can also result in a unique user interface that stands out among directories. Regularly updating the crawling parameters ensures that the data stays current and relevant.

Benefits & Features

  • Comprehensive directory and search engine creation
  • Web crawling and indexing capabilities
  • Support for an extensive number of links and pages
  • Powered by the Smarty template engine for customized layouts
  • Operates in both dynamic and static modes for flexibility
  • PHP and MySQL database support for robust operations


  • Highly customizable to fit specific needs
  • Scalable to support a vast amount of data
  • Template-driven design for unique branding possibilities
  • Dual operating modes to cater to different user preferences


  • May require technical expertise to fully exploit its features
  • PHP and MySQL knowledge is necessary for troubleshooting

Final Words on ADP

As a versatile and powerful software tool, ADP offers users the ability to create their own search engine and directory, complete with robust crawling functions. Its support for an extensive range of links and pages makes it a formidable asset in the realm of web directory and search engine creation. With the added benefits of the Smarty template engine and compatibility with dynamic and static modes, ADP is tailored to meet various user requirements with a level of customization that encourages unique implementations.


Q: Is ADP suitable for beginners?
A: ADP is a complex tool that may require a certain level of technical expertise, particularly in PHP and MySQL. However, with the proper learning curve, even beginners can harness its capabilities.

Q: Can ADP handle large-scale directory projects?
A: Yes, ADP is designed to support virtually unlimited amounts of links and pages, making it ideal for large-scale directory projects.

Q: Is there a cost involved in using ADP?
A: The review does not mention pricing, so it is advisable to check the latest information from the official ADP website or contact the developers for the most accurate details on pricing or licensing.

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