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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Review

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free and easy mobile application for customizing your photos from the world-famous Adobe company. Thanks to it, you will be able to edit colors in a photograph as you like. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or not.

Ability to edit photos with Lightroom

  • Make basic adjustments to the light in the photo

  • Control white balance and saturation

  • Align the horizons in the picture.

  • Edit only selected items.

  • Change the characteristics for each color separately.

  • Change it all with your finger and your Android screen.

Now editing photos will be easy.

What are the benefits of Adobe Lightroom for Android?

  • Free. Computer interpretations, you need to pay a monthly or annual fee. The mobile version is free to use. This is an excellent solution if you rarely need photo editing or are unwilling to pay for it.

  • Always at hand. Because you carry your smartphone with you everywhere, you have the ability to edit photos wherever you are.

  • Photo sharing in the program itself. Group albums allow you to invite others and collect photos in one place. Share your work with users in the Discover section so they can see your creative process. Photo editing syncs and updates changes.

  • PRO camera. You won't find this feature in Mac or Windows versions. You can take professional photos directly in this program using Professional and HDR shooting modes on your phone. They will be automatically uploaded to your remote editing account.

  • Before/after. You can easily see the result of your work and compare it with the original. This is a fantastic feature for those who plan to make a photo editing case.

  • Instructions for use. If you find it difficult to understand the functionality of Lightroom at once - you can refer to the mini-tutorials, where Adobe itself will explain to you how and why you can use certain buttons and sliders.

  • Presets for quick setup. Use the previous settings and take your time. You can use ready-made sets with Lightroom or create them yourself. But that doesn't mean they limit you. You still have the ability to adjust one preset to different photos, thanks to easy slider changes.

  • Community. Follow your favorite photo editors, discover presets and get inspired to work with the camera.

Is it worth downloading Lightroom for Android?

The mobile version will be a real helper for you for personal use. A computer version is often the best option for businesses and those working with photography. It has more features and editing functions, and you do not have to strain your eyes to see the result on a small screen. But it will require additional investment. Therefore, decide for yourself based on your personal goals for using this program.


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