Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger

Security & Privacy
Actual Keylogger Actual Keylogger
Security & Privacy
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger is a comprehensive monitoring tool for Windows, offering users the ability to record every keystroke in an encrypted log file. It operates discreetly in the background, capturing the title of the window where the keystrokes were made. Tailored for security and oversight, the program is accessible only through a password-protected interface, and a special key combination is required to manage its settings, ensuring that monitoring can be conducted covertly by authorized users.

What can Actual Keylogger be used for?

Actual Keylogger serves as a powerful tool for various purposes. It can be used by employers to ensure employees are using company resources appropriately, by parents to monitor their children's internet usage, or by individuals to track potential unauthorized access to their computer. It is also beneficial for backing up data entry and retrieving lost information.

Actual Keylogger Tricks & Tips

For users seeking to get the most out of Actual Keylogger, understanding its stealth mode is crucial. It can be configured to start automatically with Windows, ensuring continuous monitoring. Scheduling regular reviews of the encrypted logs can help in promptly identifying any issues. Users can also customize the special key combination for accessing the program, adding an extra layer of security.

Benefits & Features

  • Encrypted log files for enhanced security
  • Stealth operation that remains undetectable during monitoring
  • Automatic logging of all keystrokes with corresponding window titles
  • Password-protected interface to prevent unauthorized access
  • Special key combination required for program control
  • Capability to start with Windows for uninterrupted monitoring


  • Free to use with no subscription fees
  • User-friendly interface simplifies monitoring for all levels of users
  • Powerful security features to protect user privacy


  • Limited documentation and support may challenge new users
  • Potential ethical and privacy concerns when used without consent

Actual Keylogger offers a robust set of tools for users who need to monitor computer activity discreetly and securely. Its ability to run undetected and log detailed information makes it a valuable asset in the right circumstances. While the software's capabilities are impressive, it is imperative that it is used responsibly and ethically to avoid invasion of privacy.


Is Actual Keylogger legal to use?
Yes, Actual Keylogger is legal when used in compliance with local laws. It must be used on computers you own or have permission to monitor, and it is recommended to inform individuals of its presence if required by law.

Can Actual Keylogger be detected by antivirus software?
As with many monitoring tools, there is a possibility that some antivirus programs may detect Actual Keylogger. However, this depends on the antivirus software and its definitions.

Does Actual Keylogger affect system performance?
Actual Keylogger is designed to run efficiently in the background. Under normal circumstances, it should not significantly impact system performance.
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