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The description of AccessPort

AccessPort is an advanced serial monitor, simulation, and RS232 data analysis tool, designed for professionals and hobbyists alike. It serves as a reliable development aid and debugging tool for various RS232/serial port related projects. With its user-friendly interface, AccessPort is not only appealing to seasoned engineers and technicians but is also accessible for novices.

What can AccessPort be used for?

AccessPort is a versatile tool that can be employed for a wide array of tasks. It's ideal for logging, viewing, and analyzing RS232 communication. Engineers and developers can use it to automate RS232 tasks or as an ASCII Terminal for basic serial port communication and device configuration. Whether it's for software development, hardware testing, or teaching purposes, AccessPort offers a comprehensive solution for serial data analysis and simulation.

AccessPort Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of AccessPort, users should familiarize themselves with its powerful monitoring and terminal functions. For example, setting up filters can help focus on the relevant data during analysis. Users can also leverage the different display modes to better understand the data flow. Transferring data from files and employing the full duplex feature are also tricks that enhance the power of AccessPort. Moreover, understanding how to configure the baud rate and data formats (ASCII, HEX) according to the needs of your specific project is crucial for effective communication.

Benefits & Features

  • In and out data streams logging
  • Powerful monitor & terminal function
  • Communication ports status displaying
  • Full history of sending and receiving commands and data
  • Transfers data from file
  • Support of any formats of data (ASCII, HEX) and different length of words
  • Filters, different display modes
  • Full duplex
  • Supported baud rates


  • Intuitive user interface suitable for beginners and experts
  • Comprehensive data logging and monitoring capabilities
  • Advanced features for in-depth data analysis
  • Helpful for a wide range of RS232 related projects
  • Mature and stable product with a proven track record


  • May require a learning curve for users unfamiliar with serial communication
  • Interface may seem outdated to some users
  • Advanced features can be overwhelming for novices

AccessPort stands out as a highly functional and indispensable tool for anyone working with serial communication. Its robust feature set and ease of use strike a balance that caters to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike. This software is not just a utility but a comprehensive platform for RS232 analysis and simulation, making it a valuable addition to any developer's toolkit.


Is AccessPort suitable for beginners in serial communication?
Yes, its straightforward user interface makes it accessible for beginners, while its advanced features satisfy the needs of professional users.

Can AccessPort be used for automated RS232 tasks?
Indeed, AccessPort provides automation capabilities that can be used to streamline RS232 related workflows.

Does AccessPort support different data formats and baud rates?
AccessPort supports any formats of data, including ASCII and HEX, and allows configuration for different lengths of words and baud rates.
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