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3D-Driving-School 3D-Driving-School
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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Besier 3d-edutainment Wiesbaden
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The description of 3D-Driving-School

3D-Driving-School for Windows is an immersive driving simulation that offers a comprehensive suite of exercises to help users learn the basics of driving and traffic rules. With a full version featuring 23 exercises in various languages, the program includes scenarios such as navigating a small town, bustling city environments like Berlin, extensive motorway systems, and driving on the left in London. Users can experience driving through historical cities, participate in a police chase game, and practice defensive driving in Paris. A night-drive in Madrid and country-road driving are also part of the package. Additional features include the ability to adapt to traffic rules for France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, various car and motorbike cockpits, and the freedom to explore all cities and streets. The download size is 129.8 MB.

What can 3D-Driving-School be used for?

3D-Driving-School is primarily used for driver education, providing a safe virtual environment for learning traffic rules, driving techniques, and navigation through different driving scenarios. It's suitable for beginner drivers, those preparing for driving tests, or anyone looking to refresh their driving skills in various European settings.

3D-Driving-School Tricks & Tips

To maximize the learning experience in 3D-Driving-School, users should take advantage of the diverse driving environments and instructors. Practicing in different weather and light conditions will prepare drivers for real-life situations. Additionally, switching between traffic rules of different countries can enhance the understanding of international road systems.

Benefits & Features

  • Comprehensive driving scenarios, including cities, motorways, and rural roads
  • Realistic traffic situations with a variety of exercises
  • Supports multiple languages for a broader user base
  • Customizable traffic rule settings for France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany
  • Diverse vehicle options: cars, motorbikes, quads
  • Multiple cockpit views for different vehicle types
  • Free driving mode for exploration and practice
  • Special exercises like police chases and defensive driving


  • Realistic driving simulation with a variety of scenarios
  • Helpful for learners to practice different traffic rules
  • Multiple vehicle types and views for a comprehensive experience
  • Interactive learning with different instructors and languages


  • May not fully substitute for actual driving experience
  • Limited to European traffic scenarios
  • Graphics and interface may not be as modern as current gaming standards

3D-Driving-School is a versatile tool for those looking to get acquainted with the intricacies of driving before they hit the road. With its extensive range of scenarios, vehicle options, and customizable traffic rules, it provides a solid foundation for understanding the dynamics of driving in a simulated environment.


Is 3D-Driving-School suitable for all learner drivers?
Yes, it's designed for learners of all levels who wish to practice and learn driving rules and techniques.

Can I practice driving in countries outside of Europe with 3D-Driving-School?
No, the current version is limited to European traffic scenarios.

Does 3D-Driving-School replace actual driving lessons?
No, while it is a beneficial tool, it is not a replacement for real-life driving experience and professional instruction. ```
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