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WireKeys is a Windows utility that speeds up routine tasks by reducing the number of keystrokes required to perform them. If you're tired of installing one utility after another to fit all your needs, WireKeys is the solution you've been looking for. Now you can manage all your hotkeys from one place instead of remembering the preferences of several applications.

WireKeys makes it easy to record keystrokes that you frequently use. Once you have recorded your frequently-typed information, WireKeys makes it quick and easy to fill out forms on the web, enter logins and passwords, and send routine notes to customers and colleagues. WireKeys text autoreplace facility will automatically expand short words or phrases into long text strings.

You can also speed up typing with additional clipboards assigned to separate hotkeys. Normally, you have only one clipboard, and when you copy text into it, all previous data is lost. With WireKeys you can copy snippets into different clipboards at the same time and hold them until you need them. Data copied to additional clipboards is NOT copied to the standard clipboard, these clipboards can be used in addition to the standard clipboard.


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