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War Tech Fighters is an action game that showcases space combat, not with the usual space battleships but with giant robots inspired by the mecha anime genre. Players take the role of the Hebos and Ares rebel forces which are hunted down by the Zatros empire. Their only hope for freedom is the hulking mecha called War Tech. The game features customization and upgrading that range from mecha parts, weaponry, and color schemes. Each mecha part has unique traits that players can also upgrade. Weapons range from swords and shields to futuristic firearms, and players can change their point of view from first-person to third-person. They will start the game with a standard War Tech mecha, but every time they complete a mission, they’ll acquire new parts. The pilot also levels up for extra stats and perks can improve dueling skills with swords and shields. Additional parts are also available via research. Players can also explore hidden project parts from the rubble in space. War Tech Fighters comes with different modes. The Single Player mode includes the first 33 missions which narrate the adventures of Captain Nathan Romanis and their war against the Zatros empire. The Simulator Bridge, on the other hand, allows players to play again missions that they already cleared.  There is also the Survival Mode which gives three kinds of infinite arenas. Winners will receive special parts. There is an online leaderboard that records the best players and longest rounds survived.


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