Vina Digital Talking Parrot

Vina Digital Talking Parrot

for Windows

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Vina Digital Talking Parrot Review

Adopt Vina the talking parrot and you´ll never be bored at your desk again. The screensaver allows you to teach the virtual parrot to mimic and modify sounds, voices, and bird songs, while your computer isn´t running.

Intelligent memory

Vina can talk, laugh, sing, mimic bird's songs, sounds and whoever talks to it. The best (or the "worst") is that Vina remembers whatever it hears and will say it out loud later, while in screensaver mode.

Teach it yourself

You can teach Vina to talk with the voices you want, to remember and say out whatever you want. You also can teach Vina what to remember and what not to.

Change backgrounds

You can set the background where you want Vina to be.

Put a sock in it

Perhaps thankfully you can easily make it "shut up" or not to "be heard", by turning off your speakers or microphone.


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