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TrueCrypt Password Plugin Review

A powerful application that will enable anyone to make their passwords unbreakable, mount, unmount and create container files for TrueCrypt.

TrueCrypt Password Plugin is a useful tool that was especially designed to make it possible for you to strengthen your passwords and also manage TrueCrypt container files. The program is equipped with its own virtual keyboard you can use to input data in a secure manner.

All you need to do is specify the phrase from which you want to generate the password. TrueCrypt Password Plugin scrambles existing passwords to make them even more safe than before.

TrueCrypt Password Plugin supports 17 languages and 17 virtual keyboards, which means that you can use it arond the word, even on a PC where you would never find the keyboard in your language.

The virtual keyboard also offers protection against Key Loggers (spy software that reads what you type on the physical keyboard) and the application uses an intelligent alternative to allow you to write the generated password, the triple-click of the mouse! A rather unusual action that no hacker would ever expect.

The generated passwords are safe and they score above average when tested on the main sites specialized in password rating, on the basis of relevant criteria such as the elimination of repeated or consecutive characters and the higher prevalence of numbers or symbols.

The generated passwords also have a time limit, you can reuse them within 15 seconds, then they will be cancelled automatically, if you do not use them, they will be cancelled and erased after two minutes. It eliminates the crazy thing whereby our password stays in the clipboard!

This software is designed for those who want simple passwords like to be simple phrases that stick in his head as it should be, without compromising their safety.


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