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The points below gives you a brief overview of the SQL Drill Excel Add-in.
Easy to import data to Excel from SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft Access, FireBird, DB2, Excel Workbooks etc. SQL Drill works with any ODBC compatible data source. Use the add-in to quickly import data and then use Excel's power to analyse it in more detail if needed.
Data retrieval is fast (very good speed performance..).
Genuine Freeware! No Ads, No Spyware, No Viruses No Time limits, No Phone Home...
Add-in user interface is implemented via a small toolbar which will be added to your excel. The toolbar wont take up too much space in Excel and you can move it to where you want it. A new feature in this release is the Connection Profile Combobox. So it is possible to select a connection directly from the toolbar and hit the [SQL] button and you will connect to the database and view the available selectable objects in the main SQL Drill Form. If you hit the [SQL] button with the default entry [SQL Drill Toolbar] you will load the main Form without any connection being opened (use this when you want to set up some new or manage existing connection profiles).
Easy to build complex queries using the visual interface. SQL Drill implements two way query building so you can (i) build queries visually by dragging/clicking and (ii) build queries by manually typing in the SELECT statement. The main form of the add-in incorporates alot of functionality but is still easy to use.
For more information, please look at http://www.SQLDrill.com


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