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SpeedMenus cleans your Windows Desktop : your desktop is now neat and organized: all icons, all shortcuts are placed in SpeedMenus' menus. You can now take advantage of your wallpaper.


  • Right, left, top and/or bottom menus.
  • Tabs colors choice (skins manager).
  • Tabs automatically centered on screen's height.
  • Tabs size in pixels depending on the text inside or in % of the screen's height.
  • Displaying in foregroung (menus don't disappear even when you click on Show desktop on the Quick Launch bar).
  • 3 sizes for tabs : small, middle or big.
  • Menus transparency settings.
  • Tabs order choice : alphabetically or customized.
  • Spaces between tabs (in pixels) settings.
  • Possibility not to display tabs' names (very small tabs).
  • Video incrustation of the hovered tab's name in the center of the screen.
  • Visual effect on the hovered tab.
  • Text orientation for left and right tabs can be set.
  • Possibility to display a picture on the bottom right of the management window.
  • Possibility to display a scrolling message in the management window.
  • Different view modes in the management window (icons, list, thumbnails).
  • Displaying pictures as thumbnails (like an album).
  • Management window's position can be set automatically.
  • Possibility to display folders and subfolders content in the management window.
  • Management window accepts Drag and Drop (use it to add data).
  • Possibility to write an information text that will appear on the right of the management window.
  • Automatic recognition of URL links in the information text.
  • Send tabs from one menu to another with a simple click.
  • Skins manager.
  • Choice of the menus' font.
  • 3 font sizes (small, middle, big).
  • Menus captions can be in bold.
  • Skin's author setting.
  • Gradients management.
  • Gradient can be on the whole tabs of a menu (very nice).
  • Possibility to hide/show menus with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Menus can be accesed with the right click from the status bar.
  • Possibility to copy/paste from several places.
  • Possibility to Drag and Drop on tabs to quickly add existing shortcuts.
  • Web update.


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