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The advanced cleaner that gives SlimCleaner Plus its name works by identifying what is unnecessary or harmful in a PC and pulling it out. But regaining disk space is not all that SlimCleaner Plus does; in fact, that is just the beginning. Real-time system monitoring gives users a constant gauge of PC health and makes recommendations based on a personalized computer profile. Every optimization function is customizable. Unlike the one-size-fits-all model, users can tailor each advanced tool to do exactly the job they want. The system optimizer provides settings profiles so users can adjust Windows settings for their setup with just one click. The browser optimizer boosts Web performance by weeding out plug-ins and add-ons that are popularly considered to be unwanted. And the smart programs manager provides the muscle to easily organize and uninstall applications. All of these features utilize the SlimWare Utilities, community-soured ratings system. Some PC optimizers use a pre-packaged set of fixes. SlimCleaner Plus does it differently. It gives true value in the recommendations it makes because every program, every add-on, and every settings configuration comes with a simple, easy-to-read rating. At a glance, you can see what the SlimWare community considers to be good, and what it considers to be getting in the way. The philosophy that underpins the software is for information to be available and accessible to anyone, no matter what their level of technical skill. With SlimCleaner Plus, there is no wondering what the application is doing. At every stage of the game, users can view ratings and, of course, contribute their own. It's all part of functional social community that is based solely on making computers better. One click, and users can clean out junk, optimize settings, check their security, get valuable updates and enhance their browsing experience.


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