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Santa's Secret Valley is a light-hearted graphical adventure with a Christmas theme. Can you rescue Santa's magic items? Entertaining puzzles, a Christmas trivia quiz, delightful music and artwork make SSV a treat for just about anyone. Ideal for kids and grown-ups to work on together to solve the clues.

As Santa's most trusted Elf, you have been given a vital task this year: to guard Santa's magic items and keep them safe for the big day. Sounds simple enough. But that big chair looks mighty comfortable, the fire is warm, and you do feel a bit tired...

Looks like you fell asleep! The cold wind from the flapping window awakens you, and as you peer out into the cold and see footsteps leading into the distance, it hits you: all of Santa's important items are gone! What else can you do but head out into the moonlit night and follow the trail? Christmas itself is at stake!

Santa's Secret Valley is a graphical adventure game with a Christmas theme. Each puzzle you solve takes you further into the unfolding story, and one step closer to winning. If you get stuck, the built-in hint feature supplies just the right amount of help. Keep your wits about you, and don't give up - there's still time to save Christmas!


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