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The current tendency in PC world is significant growth of virus epidemics and targeted attacks on user computers. New Safe’n’Sec Pro solution is aimed to provide constant virus protection:

* zero-day viruses detection,
* protection from worms,
* blocking Trojans, spyware,
* preventing hacker attacks, insecure actions of novice users, intrusive ads and pop-ups in Internet.

Protection from these threats is realizes through the methods of programs behavior analysis in computer environment and blocking malicious activity as well as through integration of new security functions into the product.

In particular Safe’n’Sec Pro is equipped with special function of “Unknown Process Isolation” which carries out automatic execution of unknown/suspicious program in special environment isolated from all programs and data stored in your PC. User can independently define the environment in which this or that application will be executed, for example such vulnerable application as Internet Explorer. That will prevent targeted attacks and this software usage by malicious code. Besides Safe’n’Sec has got the mode of regular updating of trusted applications database with regular program updates. Automatic creation of activity control rules is foreseen new product for these applications. Both of these options are aimed to minimize the amount of false alarms on programs which user daily works with.

Safe’n’Sec Pro is remarkable for its simplicity of usage which is significant for novice users. In particular Rules editor allows combining rules into logical groups for applying the group of rules to this or that application. Besides user can set the validity periods of activity control rules, set the rules strictly for definite user fro the sake of Safe’n’Sec Pro adaptation for advanced user (ask questions about suspicious program) or novice user (automatically block suspicious program).


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