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Regex Match Tracer is a visual assistant to help you to write, test and debug your regex, it is especially good at long and complex regex. Regex Match Tracer makes your regex easy and clear and efficient. It has many features.

1. The regex is displayed in tree structure, regex text is colorized.
2. Every match result is recorded with detailed positions of groups and elapesed time.
3. You can test one part of your long regex.
4. Snapshot of regex, you can add a snapshot as a intermediate result.
5. Within regex, trace each success, failure, backtrack of node in match process.
6. Within regex, locate the match fail point node.

Regex Match Tracer has a unique powerful function: to locate match fail point. If you regex fails to match, Regex Match Tracer will tell you why it fails, where in regex and where in text do not match.

For those users who are programmers do text parsing, string validating with regular expressions.


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