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Pizzicato Light helps you to learn music and to start using a music software. It is a perfect companion to a formal music course in a music school or college (it helps you to read the notes for pitch and rhythmic justness, for various exercises and music theory). Write and print small scores (up to two pages) with the mouse or through a music keyboard connected to the computer. Hear the score playing through the sound card of the computer.

- You hear the notes when you place them or move them on the staff. While the score is playing, the notes are coloured, showing you their exact duration.

- When you add music symbols (nuances, crescendo, ties, accents,...), Pizzicato will really perform them while playing the score.

- With Pizzicato, write the exercises that you need to play and Pizzicato will play them with you so that you can correct your performance according to the exact pitches and rhythms. Increase the tempo according to your progress.

- Play on the music keyboard or on the keyboard window and get the score appear on the screen.

- Pizzicato can automatically write the note names below the staff.

- Add chord symbols (A7, Cmin,...) and get the corresponding notes automatically on the staff.

- Pizzicato can colour the notes in green when they are part of the current chord, in orange if they are part of the corresponding scale and in red for the other notes. This colouring option is very practical for instance to work and to listen to harmony exercises.

- Get an audio file (WAV) from your score, so that you can burn a CD.

- Add lyrics and text, use a guitar tablature staff, change the key and time signatures and transpose your scores.

- With the licensed version, you get a high quality orchestral sound library, giving a realistic sound rendering to your music. This helps the beginner to learn and practise, as it is much more motivating and agreeable.


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