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File manager. Every opened folder is shown as rectangle in 3D. Folders with many files and subfolders have many pages, you can see only single page at a time. Pages are scrolled by mouse wheel. The program can arrange opened folders(their rectangles) in two ways. The first is flat layout. Rectangles are aligned within single plane, growing in column major order when additional folders are opened. The second is stack layout. Rectangles are stacked, the stack grows in depth when opening new folders. When many folders are opened, you can rapidly navigate between them. You can scale entire scene to find the balance between quality of image (the size of details) and number of elements you see at once. The second way is moving your viewpoint (camera) to observe another folder. There is Explorer control integrated into the program. Explorer shows contents of one of opened folders, it is synchronized with 3D view at the right. The program can filter files/folders based on names (only items whose names contain given substring remain), the filter does not use Windows indexing and works only with single folder (not including subfolders). The program strongly relies on Windows Shell and all file operations are implemented through shell functions. When copying and moving, you will see only standard dialogs as they are in Explorer. The program is portable, runs from flash drive without installation. The main concept is to carry out basic file operations as fast as possible (the speed of user interface is meant). If you often work with many folders, the program will help. Requires Vista or Windows 7.


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