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Build your own testing tools for your hardware/software with the ease of drag and drop. Build your data flow with several communication objects such as; LPT, USB Printer interface, File I/O, TCP/IP and UDP. The data can be presented in different view objects as ASCII, HEX, ANSI Terminal, Graph or captured bitmap streams. With the Script object, a GUI can be created to fire your test cases with a single bush

This new edition is redefining the concept from a strict path to a true object oriented way of handling smaller data flows. This is not an analyzing tool for major data flows or low level communication protocols. It is designed for smaller data packets such as sending commands and processing answers to/from external devices.

Each type of object can have inputs and/or outputs, known as channels. The data flow is routed through the objects for processing. The data flow is designed by easy drag & drop of objects from the object panel and then routed by dragging the outputs to the inputs. The software becomes more useful if you are a hardware or firmware developer.

The intention of the program is to communicate with your hardware before you have any software supporting it. With the scripted GUI you can send down sequences of test data. With the View objects you can present data from your communication port. The program can of course be used in other areas, for example; create a SMTP client, MUD client, Syslog server, various Terminals etc...

With drag and drop you can route your data flow to/from the communication objects. Another group of objects can display the data in several ways and the script object can alter the data or trigger new data sequences to be sent. The data stream can be split and routed to several object at the same time, to view data both as ASCII or a Graph.

Some objects also accepts connections to several streams, colour coding the data depending on input stream ID. This makes it easy to see in what order data

Developers in the area of Firmware and/or Software where communication is needed.


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