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IBM SPSS Statistics (also known as SPSS) is an analytical software for advanced statistical analysis of business data, covering all tasks from planning and data collection to direct research and business reporting. This software is cross-platform and can be run on Windows devices. We will tell you more about it.

What is this program?

SPSS for Windows is developed by IBM for statistical data analysis, allowing you to extract useful information from the studied data. This program is used by many companies, research centers, and independent analytical agencies to solve business tasks, ensuring the development of quality solutions.

Working with data

SPSS works well with formats such as .xls and .xlsx. It can import and export data using MS Excel files and export the work results to Excel (Pivot Tables, text output, and charts, i.e., everything that is called Output in SPSS).

The program can also work with text files. However, importing data from text files for analysis is more complicated than importing binary files, such as Excel or SAS, or from databases. Text files do not contain ready-made data about the structure of the file and the types of data stored in it. The user must specify all this information during the import.

Advanced functionality

The primary functions of the program for statistical data processing and presentation of results include:

  • Descriptive statistics: various calculated indicators that characterize the distribution of unstable values. They are divided into two groups. The first group expresses measures of central data, and the data, such as mean, median, and mode, are grouped around them. The second group characterizes the variability of variable values relative to the mean: standard deviation and variance. The range of variability is characterized by minimum, maximum, and range. Asymmetry and kurtosis represent the measure of the variation of the form of distribution from its standard form. Some values reflect the errors of some statistics;

  • One-way analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA) is a statistical analysis that establishes the statistical significance of differences between the means of three or more samples. The procedure of comparison of mean values of models allows you to make conclusions about the correlation of mean values of general populations;

  • Cluster analysis is a procedure that combines objects or variables into groups called clusters based on a given rule. It reduces the time for finding and selecting methods for each particular case of research;

  • Discriminant analysis (DA) is a procedure for creating regression formulas. It is the base for dividing objects into groups corresponding to the categories of the dependent variable;

  • Additional functions include import of data from Excel and SAS, export of results to MS Office, .pdf saving of results in HTML format, simultaneous work with several data sets, construction of diagrams for variables with multiple responses, and construction of diagrams with two Y axes.

Primary advantages of the program

SPSS for Windows has the following essential features and advantages:

  • The system has customized functions and user interfaces for different skill levels and functional responsibilities;

  • SPSS Statistics covers all significant parts of the complex analytical process, from data preparation and management to analysis and reporting;

  • Provides ready-to-use chart and report templates, making it easy to translate results into a presentable and understandable view for other stakeholders;

  • Provides rapid insight into large and complex data using advanced statistical procedures that help ensure high accuracy and quality decision-making;

  • Supports the use of software extensions in the Python and R programming languages to integrate with open-source software;

  • Facilitates software selection and management by providing flexible deployment options.

Advanced statistical procedures and visualization in SPSS provide a reliable, user-friendly, and integrated platform for understanding subject data and solving complex business and research tasks, providing overall revenue growth, beating the competition, conducting research, and making quality decisions based on evidence. The software supports the following statistical research methods: regression analysis, decision trees, forecasting, neural networks, combinatorial analysis, complex sampling, and others.


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