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As lifestyles become increasingly hectic, the demand for convenience has given rise to apps like Booze & More, which serves as a one-stop platform for a variety of services. The app is designed to cater to the needs of individuals looking to order food, liquor, groceries, and even laundry services with a few simple taps on their mobile device. Its purpose is to streamline the process of getting these everyday essentials, making it easier for users to manage their time and tasks more efficiently.

What does the Booze & More app provide?

The app is a comprehensive solution for those seeking to simplify their routine by offering delivery services for a wide range of products. Users can browse local restaurants for their favorite meals, order wine and spirits, shop for groceries, and even schedule laundry and dry cleaning services. Essentially, Booze & More functions as a personal assistant for your daily errands, providing access to local vendors and service providers directly through your smartphone.

Benefits & Features

  • Convenient ordering from local restaurants, grocery stores, liquor shops, and laundry services.
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation and search options.
  • Ability to schedule deliveries for a specific time.
  • Option to reorder past items with a single click for quick checkout.
  • Exclusive deals, discounts, and reward points for frequent users.
  • Secure payment system that accepts various forms of payment including credit cards and mobile wallets.
  • Real-time tracking of orders to stay updated on the delivery status.
  • Customer support to resolve any issues or inquiries regarding the service.

The Booze & More app seamlessly integrates multiple services into a single platform, making it an invaluable tool for those looking to save time and effort in their busy schedules.


  • Wide range of services beyond food delivery, including alcohol and laundry.
  • Local business support through partnerships with neighborhood stores and restaurants.
  • Reward system to encourage frequent use and customer loyalty.
  • Customizable delivery times to fit user schedules.


  • Availability limited to certain geographic areas.
  • Some users may experience longer delivery times during peak hours.
  • Occasional discrepancies in menu items or prices due to reliance on partner updates.

The Booze & More app stands out as a versatile and convenient service for anyone looking to order a wide variety of items directly to their door. While there are some limitations in terms of coverage area and potential for delivery delays, the app's comprehensive offerings and user-friendly design make it a strong contender in the delivery service market.

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