BC Services Card

BC Services Card

Province of British Columbia, Canada
BC Services Card BC Services Card
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Province of British Columbia, Canada

BC Services Card Review

The BC Services Card app represents a significant step forward in digital identity for residents of British Columbia, offering a secure and convenient way to prove who you are online. With the ability to access provincial government services seamlessly, this app simplifies interactions with government agencies, ensuring that residents can manage their information safely and efficiently.

What are the purposes of using the BC Services Card app

The primary purpose of the BC Services Card app is to authenticate identity without the need for physical documents. It allows users to safely access various government services and personal health records. The app also serves as a secure login method for websites that require provincial government service authentication, streamlining the process of obtaining important information and completing necessary transactions.

What does the BC Services Card app provide?

At its core, the BC Services Card app provides users with a digital representation of their BC Services Card. It enables secure access to online services and contains features to protect personal information, like a unique QR code that changes every few minutes to prevent unauthorized use. The app also offers a simplified sign-in experience for participating websites and supports a visual identity verification system, using the camera on a mobile device to confirm that the user matches the photo on their card.

Benefits & Features

  • Secure and private authentication method
  • Easy access to online government services
  • Protection of personal information with dynamic QR codes
  • Convenient visual identity verification
  • Reduces the need for multiple passwords and logins
  • Free to download and use for all BC Services Card holders

As technology continues to intertwine with daily life, the BC Services Card app serves as a trusted companion for residents navigating online services. It stands as a testament to British Columbia's commitment to digital innovation, security, and user-focused design, making it an indispensable tool for modern living.


  • Enhanced security with changing QR codes and biometric checks
  • One-stop access to multiple government services
  • User-friendly interface and easy setup
  • Supports digital transformation of government services


  • Limited to services within British Columbia
  • Requires a compatible mobile device and internet access
  • May have a learning curve for non-tech-savvy users

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