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Badger Maps - Sales Routing

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Badger Maps - Sales Routing Badger Maps - Sales Routing
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Badger Maps - Sales Routing Review

Badger Maps - Sales Routing app is designed to streamline the daily activities of field salespeople by simplifying the planning and execution of their routes. This app aims to facilitate more efficient use of time and resources, enabling sales professionals to focus on what they do best—selling. With features geared towards route optimization and client management, Badger Maps serves as a tool to help reduce travel time, save on fuel costs, and ultimately increase the number of potential sales opportunities.

What does the Badger Maps - Sales Routing app provide?

The app provides a suite of features tailored to the needs of sales representatives on the move. From mapping customer locations to creating optimized driving routes, the app integrates CRM data to present a clear picture of sales territories and client details. It also delivers functionality for tracking visits, setting up schedules, and finding new leads within a salesperson's territory, all accessible from a mobile device or desktop.

Benefits & Features

  • Route optimization for reducing time spent on the road
  • Lasso Tool for creating and adjusting territories on the map
  • Integration with existing CRM systems for seamless data synchronization
  • Visual mapping of clients for efficient territory management
  • Check-in feature to document visit details and duration
  • Lead generation tool to identify potential customers nearby
  • Follow-up reminders for maintaining customer relationships
  • Offline access to maps and schedules for uninterrupted productivity
  • Performance tracking to measure distance traveled and clients visited
  • Colorize feature to categorize clients for prioritization

The Badger Maps - Sales Routing app stands out as an essential tool for sales professionals seeking to enhance their efficiency on the field. By leveraging its robust set of features, users can expect to not only save time and resources but also gain richer insights into their territories, leading to more strategic decision-making and improved sales outcomes.


  • Intuitive user interface simplifies route planning
  • Significant time and fuel savings with optimized routes
  • Seamless integration with many popular CRM platforms
  • Enhanced customer engagement through better scheduling and follow-ups
  • Robust offline capabilities ensure access to data anywhere


  • May require a learning curve for those not tech-savvy
  • Full feature set is behind a subscription model
  • Dependent on the quality of CRM data for optimal performance

The Badger Maps - Sales Routing app is a powerful ally for salespeople in the field, offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges of route planning and customer management. Its ability to cut down on travel time and increase efficiency makes it a valuable investment, particularly for those looking to maximize their sales potential and strengthen customer relations.

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