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Canon Camera Connect is an application to transfer images shot with compatible Canon cameras to smartphone/tablet.

By connecting to a camera with Wi-Fi (direct connection or via wireless router), this application provides the following features:

惻Transfer and save camera images to a smartphone.

惻Remote shoot with live view imaging of the camera from a smartphone.

This application also provides the following features for compatible cameras.

惻Acquire location information from a smartphone and add it to the images on the camera.

惻Switch to a Wi-Fi connection from pairing status with a Bluetooth enabled camera (or from touch operation with an NFC enabled camera)

惻Remote release of the camera shutter with a Bluetooth connection.

*For compatible models and features, please refer to the following website.

-System requirement

惻Android 6.0/7.0-7.1/8.0-8.1/9.0/10.0/11.0

-Bluetooth System Requirement

For Bluetooth connection, the camera needs to have a Bluetooth function, and your Android device needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 or later (supports Bluetooth Low energy technology) and the OS needs to be Android 5.0 or later.

-Supported Languages

Japanese/English/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/Russian/Korean/Turkish

-Compatible File Types


惻Importing original RAW files is not supported (RAW files are resized to JPEG).

惻MOV files and 8K movie files shot with EOS cameras cannot be saved.

惻HEIF (10 bit) and RAW movie files shot with compatible cameras cannot be saved.

惻AVCHD files shot with Camcorder cannot be saved.

-Important Notes

惻If application does not operate properly, try again after shutting down the application.

惻This application is not guaranteed to operate on all Android devices.

惻In the case of using Power Zoom Adapter, please set the Live View function to ON.

惻If the OS network confirmation dialogue appears when connecting the device to the camera, please place a checkmark in the checkbox to make the same connection from the next time.

惻The images may include your personal information such as GPS data. Be careful when posting images online where many others can view them.

惻Visit your local Canon Web pages for more details.


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